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MicroPhototherapy (IPL)

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

MicroPhototherapy (IPL) emits gentle pulses of light and heat to produce a mild thermal injury creating a wound/heal response beneath the skin's surface lading to fibroblast production and new collagen formation.  This treatment reduces pore size, retexturizes as if you've had a microdermabrasion treatment, smooths lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone, tightens the skin and even gets Rosacea (redness) under control.

MicroPhototherapy delivers beautiful results that are noninvasive and safe.  Treatments can be done alone or combined with other add-on treatments such as Electroporation and Microcurrent.

Electroporation uses an electromatic pulse that opens up a pathway in the epidermis that allows product delivery directly into the cells. This "channel" that is created for a few seconds is allowing whatever product we are sending down into that deeper level where things happen at a cellular level, to create real changes in the skin. When the pulse ceases, the cell closes trapping the product inside which allows for continuing corrective changes.  Electroporation drastically improves hydration, reduces fine lines, firms, tightens and lifts the skin. 

Microcurrent helps reduce the signs of aging with low levels of electricity known as microcurrent. These tiny impulses trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits and work directly on the nerves and muscle fibers. The result is visible firming and smoothing of the skin. It helps tone facial muscles by replicating our own biological currents.

Male BEFORE and AFTER MicroPhotoTherapy Treatments (front view) at Eden Skin and Body Institute, Charlotte, NC   What's included in a treatment?

A MicroPhototherapy (IPL) treatment includes a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, 2 passes with the laser device, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Electroporation and Microcurrent can be added to the service for an additional cost.


What's included in a series of 8 treatments?

I recommend starting with a series of 8 Photofacials performed 2 times a week over the course of a month.

The treatments include a thorough clensing and exfoliation, 2 passes with the laser device, Electroporation, Microcurrent, moisturizer & susnscreen.

BEFORE and AFTER 3 Treatments in 10 days

Male BEFORE and AFTER MicroPhotoTherapy Treatments (side view) at Eden Skin and Body Institute, Charlotte, NC  

Lady BEFORE and AFTER 14 days of MicroPhotoTherapy Treatments at Eden Skin and Body Institute, Charlotte, NC

BEFORE and AFTER 4 Treatments in 14 days

Is it painful?
The treatments are generally painless, though people differ in regard to how many pulses they can tolerate.  Each treatment is adjusted to your comfort level.

What will I look like after the treatment?
You may experience minor redness and/or swelling which will subside quickly.

When will I see results?
Certain results will be seen immediately.  The best results will be seen 30 to 60 days following the treatment.  Results are based on the natural aging process as well as aftercare maintenance and procedures.  The better you care for your skin, the longer the results will last.  A monthly maintenance treatment is recommended to maintain and enhance the results.

Lady BEFORE and AFTER 4 weeks of MicroPhotoTherapy Treatments at Eden Skin and Body Institute, Charlotte, NC

BEFORE and AFTER 8 Treatments in 4 weeks

Electroporation should NOT be used on anyone with the following conditions:

  • Metal implants such as pacemakers or electronic monitoring devices
  • Metal implants in the mouth or jaw area
  • Persons diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on the face
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Persons prone to seizures such as associated with epilepsy
  • Persons with phlebitis or thrombosis
MicroPhototherapy should NOT be used on anyone with the following conditions:

  • Darker ethnic skin
  • Pregnant or Lactating
  • Has Epilepsy
  • Exposure to strong sunlight or an artificial tanning machine in the last 21 days
  • Do not use over a tattoo or permanent makeup
  • Has used medications, herbal preparations, lotions or other chemicals that cause photosensitivity within the last 6 weeks
  • Steroid usage (i.e. asthma) for the last 3 months
  • History of herpes outbreaks in the area of treatment, unless the client has consulted their physician and received prophylaxis treatment prior to starting their MicroPhototherapy (IPL) treatments
  • Client has an active implant, like a pacemaker, incontinence device, insulin pump, etc.
  • Has any disease related to photosensitivity such as Porphia, Polymorphic, Light Eruption, Solar Urticaria, Lupus
  • Client has received radiotherapy or chemotherapy within the last 3 months

Book this now! MicroPhototherapy $240.00
 MicroPhototherapy treatments deliver beautiful results that are non-invasive and safe. Using light and heat energy, this treatment reduces pore size, lightens pigmentation, re-texturizes as if you've had a microdermabrasion treatment, smoothes lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and tightens the skin. Includes a thorough cleansing + exfoliation, 2 passes with the FSD topped off with 5 min. of Electroporation and sunscreen.
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